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Community Service Grant


Milton Glaser, who is known for his iconic "I heart NY" logo, was famous for saying, "Good design is good citizenship." We could not agree more. Collaborate is committed to giving back to the local region and helping community minded organizations achieve their goals of local service. So we are putting our money where our mouth is. Every year in January we will select one organization to receive free services from us to go toward the success and completion of one community minded project. The services offered will be based on that organization's needs as well as the needs of the specific project being supported. 


Who Is Eligible?


The grant is open to anyone who would like to apply, however there is preference given to several factors including, but not limited to: budget, local/regional affiliation, local/regional impact of proposed project, nonprofit status, and prior history of local/regional community service.

How to Apply?


Applications are accepted each year from September 1st until the deadline on October 31st. To apply, simply fill out the following form and describe your project in as much detail as you find necessary to communicate your goals, needs, and limitations. 

Application Form

Good Luck!

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