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What is Marketing?


Marketing gets a bad name because most of our interactions with it feel more like calculated manipulation than helpful communication. If you see marketing as a way to trick people into buying things they don't need, Collaborate is not for you. We believe that open and transparent communication with you and your clients foster more meaningful and lasting relationships that benefit everyone involved. This approach creates a sustainable and connected network of support that will serve your needs well into the future.

What is Advertising?

Marketing & Advertising are not the same thing, but they are complimentary tools that go hand in hand. A good plan considers how both work together to serve your needs, budget, and audience. This kind of outreach can and should be more than gimmicks and flashy word play. A competent marketing and advertising strategy is an essential component to healthy business practices. Whether you are buying newspaper or social media ad space or placing a commercial on the local radio station you advertising should always support your established marketing plan.

What Do We Do? 

We do it all! We'll work with you to create a plan that fits your wants and your needs while factoring in your specific circumstances. There is no such thing as a one size fits all marketing approach. You wouldn't buy a pair of shoes without knowing what size you wear, so think of what we do as taking your measurements and custom fitting a slick new pair of kicks. When you look good, you feel good. We help you style up your business, restore your confidence, and show everyone what they're missing out on.

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