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The Dreaded Social Media


Can we agree that most everyone is a little confused about social media and how it should serve them? Can we also agree the people that do understand it are terrible at explaining it in a way that helps you comprehend your path forward. Social media should be more than buzzwords and jargon. Likes, analytics, competitive benchmarking, ephemeral data, and so on. The less you know about what they are selling, the easier it is to overcharge you. Don't take the bait! Social media is a great communication tool to reach and engage with your audience. It should be about relationship building and cultivating a community that supports your work. Just like everything else with marketing, don't let its poor reputation stop you from understanding its value to your operation. We can help you navigate your individual opportunities without overwhelming you with buzzwords meant to make us look smart. 

What Do We Do?


We help you figure out which platforms your existing customers use, which one your potential customers use, and how best to reach and build your future marketing network. Our process starts with research to evaluate your strengths and opportunities, from which we develop a customized guide to ground your communication efforts going forward. We will help you gain a better understanding of what social media means for you and help you make better decisions about how to utilize this powerful marketing tool for good.

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