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It is hard to overestimate the value of a good online review, especially for small and local businesses. This Valentine's Day we are joining forces with the Lake Barkely Chamber of Commerce and Payroll Vault to show the love for our local shops. Please join us in this effort by leaving a valentine (review) on Google and or Facebook for your favorite small business. It's so easy to do and goes a long way to help small shops get priority in online search results. Once you've left your review take a screen grab, share it with us, and you will be entered to win a first prize $100 Gift Card or second prize $50 Gift Card to the local shop of your choosing.




Take a screen shot of your review and email it to Simple as that! There is no limit to how many entries you can submit, but businesses must be locally owned and in Caldwell or Lyon Counties. We will be accepting submissions from February 1st until February 13th and we will draw the winners on Valentines Day.



Search the business you want to leave a review for on Google's Search engine or Google Maps. On the right side of your screen, click on that business's Google Reviews.

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Once on the review page for your chosen business, click the "Write a review" button.

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Rate your favorite business using the stars and leave a message about how great they are and click post. All done!

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Visit the Facebook Page of the business you want to leave a review. On the main page click the "Reviews" tab. 

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Under the "Do you recommend" section on the review page, click "Yes" to leave a positive review.

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Write about your experience with your favorite business and click post. All done!

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